Dar Sara Pharaonic Era Collection 2013

Dar Sara Collection 2013-Exclusively for USA at Metropolitan Fashion Week Seattle.

The collection was inspired by the designers' sojourn to "the valley of the kings". Egypt's ancient ruins and artifacts played a back drop for the collection's theme.

Most of the clothes resemble garments worn by the ancient Queens of The Nile. Cleopatra and Nefertiti being the forefront figures of the modern Pharaonic style.

It’s a fusion between elements of the past and the wardrobe of today. Thee creative team under the direction of Ms. Joumana Al Hayek created designs that has modern edginess but still possess Egyptian influence. Considering the thin border between fashion and costume. That explains the presence of accessories: From neck piece, cuffs, wigs, and even shoulder harness abound throughout the collection. Without these add-ons, the garments are still stand alone and wearable pieces.

The team forte being on embellishment, whipped some heavily embroidered pieces that are surely show stopping and attention worthy. Majority of the pieces are made from light weight silk, chiffon, tulle, and, leather. Unconventional materials such as rice sack, curtain fringe, suede strips, and PVC plastic sheets were utilized to come up with extra ordinary pieces. Finally, edgy and non-conventional yet still fashion-savvy are Dar Sara's design DNA. Being a forefront of Middle- East Fashion. Joumana Al Hayek says:" Dar Sara's unique approach to fashion has carved a niche in this tiny but complex world of fashion".

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Here is a video from the event...